Jan 27th, 2012.

This post isn’t gonna be a devotional, inspirational, Li-Ann-is-high-on-God post. I’m currently sitting alone in an empty classroom large enough to hold 80 people, filtering through my thoughts and asking God for strength to sustain me through the day.

I broke down again today. It’s been the fourth or fifth time this semester. And it’s only the third week.

I am frustrated. I am afraid. I don’t understand why I don’t understand what they understand. I would blame my homesickness, the Malaysian education system, my professor, whatever.

I’m struggling. This is so tough for me it’s not even funny. I’m freaking out.

I’m not big on being vulnerable to people who read the stuff I write. But I’m doing this so that someday you can look back with me and say “That was all Him.”

I forsee more breakdowns. Pray for me if you will. As of now, it’s one day at a time for me.

Filipi 4:13

Segala perkara dapat kutanggung dalam Dia yang memberi kekuatan kepadaku.


4 thoughts on “Jan 27th, 2012.

  1. hey dear 🙂 just felt like reading your blog today…
    Just wanted to let u know…be strong 🙂 i’ve been feeling the same this quarter….like exactly the same..its like deja vu… *hugs from a sister*


  2. I miss you too. Working hasn’t been easy too. They speak cantonese. They think differently. They look friendly but there are just colleagues. Housemates are also just housemates. Also broke down ysterday. Miss you girl 🙂

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