There was this little boy in church today who was trying really hard to recite his memory verse correctly and failed to do it even after all his friends were done and were leaving for story time. He got really upset and started to cry at the end, and completely refused to go for story time.

We both went aside and after he had stopped crying, I told him that here’s what he could do: he could go home and ask mommy to read him his booklet so he could come to class with the verse memorized next time. (because that was what the other kids were doing) Tears started welling up in his eyes as he told me

“But my mum can’t read well.”

It broke my heart.

I hugged him, fighting back the tears and told him that I would work on the verses with him every week. Amane, boy, I love you. My prayers for you will lull me to sleep tonight.


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