What do YOU do on a Saturday?

Ever seen a brawl go down? I’ve never quite seen one myself, but judging from kung fu movies it gets pretty scary when your leader gets defeated.

I mean imagine. You’re in the heat of a fight, punches flaying, heart pounding, and oh dear, was that the sound of bones cracking somewhere to your right?

And then you realize your leader, the Alpha Male, the strongest and bravest of your pack, has fallen. What do you do?

You run.

Honestly, I’m surprised that’s what the disciples didn’t do when Jesus was crucified. I mean, they just crucified your leader, wouldn’t you be afraid you were next?


I wonder why the disciples stayed. Perhaps they were just so lost, they didn’t know where to go. Perhaps they were still processing that those past few eventful years of their lives with Jesus… That it was all a lie. How could it be a lie? It had to be, Jesus was dead. How could that be? It all happened so fast… Was that what they were thinking?

Perhaps there was a logical reason. Perhaps they were staying around to watch over Jesus’ mother, or family, or something. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it was just because they truly loved Jesus.


Did the disciples understand what Jesus was doing?

No. John 2:9 tells us that they did not understand that Jesus had to rise from the dead. For all they knew, Jesus was game over. Finitto. Kaput.

Does this sound like any moment in your life?

As Max Lucado put it in his book Cast of Characters, “John did not know on that Friday what you and I now know. He didn’t know that Friday’s tragedy would be Sunday’s triumph… That’s why what he did on Saturday is so important.” But because he chose to stay on the Saturday, he was able to share in the joy of Sunday’s miracle. (John 20)

Lord, I pray for my brothers, my sisters and myself that we would be faithful to You on Saturday even though we may not know when Sunday is coming. We believe Lord, help us with our unbelief! Help us when the doubts irritate, or even scream for our attention. And as always Lord Jesus, thank You for Your grace toward us even when we fail. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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