last night i had a dream.

i woke up on a sandy beach, in fetal position. it was hot; the heat was not the kind that scorches but rather the kind that marks a lazy day. lethargically i sat up, leaning my back on a coconut tree that just so happened to be near enough. i crawled over and plumped my bottom on the warm sand.

fully contented with my new spot, i looked out to the sea. it was gloriously bright-so glorious, in fact, that my eyes shut on instinct. i looked down and opened my eyes again. the shade of the coconut tree made the immediate spots around me just right for observation and scrutiny. i looked about for anything interesting within the protective range of the coconut tree.

nope, no seashells worthy of a second look. nothing interesting at all. “oh well,” i thought to myself, “at least there’re no sand flies.” with no hope of scrutinizing anything on the sand, i turned my focus to the next most interesting thing-my feet. okay, so it wasn’t so interesting either. my toes were still intact as they should be, my feet didn’t seem overgrown or anything. honestly, what did i expect? i slouched and leaned furthur back onto the tree. this time i rested one foot on my other knee.

then i noticed something. at first i thought the sun was playing tricks on my eyes. i blinked a couple of times and looked again. it was still there. i blinked again, furiously this time. it couldn’t be! i held my foot up closer to my face, staring in horror at what i was seeing.

a hole.

a big hole.

a hole the size of a 10 cent coin. on the sole of my foot.

i almost screamed when i realized that i could actually see INSIDE my foot!

in real life i don’t think i would be conscious by then, but in my dream i was pretty courageous. note: courageous does not mean i wasn’t scared! my heart pumped hard as i looked inside. i expected to see blood, flesh, etc but when i looked in i saw colorful things.

note: the objects i saw were not according to sizes in real life.

i first saw a purple microchip, then an aluminium foil. there were several things that caught my attention: a hairdryer, an umbrella…


it registered in my head. i was looking at garbage.

i thought i would go mad. i started tearing at my foot like a maniac. and it fell apart-into pixel lated pieces! i looked around and suddenly realized that the world around me was virtual, as if i were a character in a game. a tiny window popped up beside me. mission: to complete all stations before time runs out. i started running.




the game ended. i won. but happiness didn’t register.

stunning realization in my dream: i was made of garbage. and i was in a game. not only was i IN a game, i WAS the game. i couldn’t control myself to “rebel” against the game if i wanted to. i was moving because someone was controlling me. someone who would shriek and yell foul words and call me names when i failed to do what he wanted me to do.

the first thing i did when i woke up: check my foot, and thank God i was awake. i’ve seriously got to get some rest. the past 3 nights have been full of action/emotion/horror-packed dreams.