Miley Cyrus – The Climb

Somehow recently Miley Cyrus has crept into my prayer time. My heart is so broken for this girl, and I can’t imagine the hurt and heartache that she’s facing. I can’t sing this song without crying now.

There’s always gonna be an uphill battle
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb

Don’t give up, Miley. Because God hasn’t given up on you.

p/s. Random fact. I used the lyrics of this song for some SAT practice essay. Haha!


What Kind of King?

This past Sunday our church had a Christmas concert kind of thing. I cried almost the whole time. It’s amazing how God can use music to speak to us humans. The music was beautiful, and so many things were worth paying technical note, but all I could think about was God and His love for us.

Sometimes I find it hard to form sentences to say what I mean. This is one of those times. So here is my prayer:

Worship leading.
More than church.
Your presence.
See You.
Only You.
Without words.
Thank You.

p/s. the video is not of the performance at our church, I just Youtubed one of the songs they sang. This is entitled “What Kind of King?”